Tuesday, September 22, 2009

as banned in china

Blocked in ChinaI was sent a link to a website that tests whether sites are available across the great firewall of China (see bottom of post), and found that, apart from in Hong Kong, mine is banned.

Only a little time was wasted wondering if the ban was due to blogs about celebrity diets, bacheloroid recipes or the vicissitudes of a pair of pigs.

As it happens, it seems you don't need to do much more than get up in the morning to be blocked in China - which makes their admission of failure in the face of pornography all the stranger - but I would like to thank everybody who gave this Happy Yellow Dog of the Fens a bark loud enough to unsettle the Dragon.

Tales from a Draughty Old Fen: off the People's Republic Christmas-card list?

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(NB the test above can time out - click here for the full version.)


  1. Thanks for this tool.
    & congratulations.
    Unfortunately I have to admit: www.liturgy.co.nz is not banned :-(

  2. In one sense that's a shame in terms of ratings - but in another it's wonderful, in that Christians in China can (hopefully) take advantage of your wonderful Christian resources and virtual church. Keep up the good work!

    For anyone else reading this, Revd Bosco's virtual Church, a very restful place in te sometimes tumultuous Web and which has links to both Anglican and Roman Catholic liturgy resources - eg Daily Office - is here: http://www.liturgy.co.nz/virtualchurch/chapel.html

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