Tuesday, January 19, 2010

top tips for Tuesday

top tips for Tuesday
click to go to the site of the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer

This is a general link to the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer blog in Port au Prince, Haiti, where managing director Ian Raswon is keeping the world posted of the sometimes grim progress and where you can donate to the effort.
the IDF Search and Rescue Force works in Haiti - click to read moreAt Media Backspin, we hear that Venezualan president Hugo Chavez is accusing the US of using the quake as a pretext to occupy Haiti - a charge that French Cooperation Minister Alain Joyandet is repeating. So, we're asked, what is the role of the media in this and can media offering a partisan perspective be said to be neutral observers?
clieck to rad more about the Vatican's online Chinese Bible

Elsewhere, the Catholic News Service announces that the Vatican is now offering the Bible online in Chinese...
click to read Josephine McDermott's blog at Chelsea Girl in China

...while in the country itself, Telegraph blogger Josephine McDermott - Chelsea Girl in China - wonders how the stand-off between Google and China will play out.
clcik to read more about the RockYou scandalIn the context of news that the British Government - unlike that of France and Germany - isn't warning its citizens off Internet Explorer after serious security weaknesses were uncovered, Richard Hollis reports on the breaching of 32 million accounts on the social networking site RockYou, exposed by the hacker responsible after the site issued denials.
click to read more about the real story of the Pope's visit to the Rome Synagogue

Fr Tim Finigan posts on Pope Benedict's visit to the Rome Synagogue and, tellingly, quotes Mordechai Lewy, Israel's Ambassador to the Holy See, as saying taht there was a certain disappointment in some parts of the press when a crisis failed to emerge.
Beth Kanter: click to read more about Social Media and Haiti

Beth Kanter, who blogs on using social media for non-profit, is based in the US, but many of her ideas could be applicable anywhere. Here she looks at some ways to help Haiti.
click to read more at the site for the study of Anti-Americanism

Last November, Conservative leader David Cameron launched AmericaInTheWorld.com, the online presence of the London Centre for the Study of Anti-Americanism. Here, Paul Goodman meditates on how, when it comes to major disasters, the US is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.
trial without jury?  Click to read more at Richard Taylor's blog

Things to come? Richard Taylor on the first trial without a jury in modern times on British soil.
click to read more on the dereliction of duty of many science journalists

And finally, Catholic Herald editor Luke Coppen on how many science journalists are passive consumers of scientific stories - for example during the passage of the egregious Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill - and have forgotten how to investigate.

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