Wednesday, December 9, 2009

case dismissed: Mohammed case thrown out

I don't ask for much, but I must admit it's gratifying to be vindicated. An hour ago I read a tweet from Martin Beckford, the Telegraph's Social and Relgious Affairs Correspondent to the effect that a judge has thrown out a case in which hoteliers Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were accused of "launching a tirade" against Ericka Tazi, a recent convert to Islam. They had been accused of calling her hijab (full veil) "bondage" dressing, and of calling Mohammed a "warlord" like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. District Judge Richard Clancy dismissed the case after branding Ms Tazi's testimony as "inconsistent".

This is what I wrote about the case when it all kicked off in September - read the last sentence before the italics at the bottom.

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