Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a hero is honoured

Detective Constable Stephen Oake RIP Detective Constable Stephen Oake was a brave man. On an operation to arrest a relatively lowly Al-Qaeda associate, he was faced instead with failed asylum-seeker Kamel Bourgass, whom the Telegraph's Nigel Bunyan describes as "a trained assassin and one of Osama bin Laden's most ruthless followers". Protecting his colleagues, he received eight knife wounds, three of which were enough to kill him individually.

Shortly after his death in January 2003, he was nominated for the Queen's Gallantry Medal. And he got it - in January 2009.

So what happened? Basically the George Cross Committee, composed largely of senior civil servants, decided that DC Oake didn't meet the "extremely high" criteria for this award. Basically they were saying that, in taking on a senior member of the organisation which was happy to fly aircraft into the Twin Towers of New York and bomb public transport in London, he wasn't brave enough - directly the opposite of what was written by former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair when he closed the online petition, signed by 8000 people, to have the medal awarded.

It seems twho cries for Israel? Click and have a readhat liberal-socialist control of means of communication is an attempt to cut a democracy off from the very stuff of its life - access to the truth. Case in point - in Cambridge, Liberal Democrat MP David Howarth attended a rally to highlight the "siege on Gaza for the last 18 months", without any mention of the approximately 5,000 rockets which former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind states have been fired at civilian targets in Israel from Gaza over the last 3 years, many smuggled from Egypt. (Backspin is currently liveblogging the ferocious media war surrounding the Gaza campaign.)

DC Oake died a martyr to the cause of preserving our democratic heritage against many-faced dark forces who hate tolerance, peace and, above all, freedom. The fact that the campaign to honour him has not only pierced the most politicised civil service ever but troubled Government at the highest levels shows that his sacrifice was not in vain. But the question remains, how many terrorists are still living illegally in the UK as failed asylum seekers, waiting to create more martyrs?

read the eulogy from Stephen Oake's funeral service


  1. A pity they don't let all your police carry guns.

    Over here the bastard would've been filled with holes on the spot.


  2. I agree - it's a great pity, as sometimes it seems the only people with guns are the bad guys.

  3. That's what the NRA (Nat'l Rifle Association) claims will happen if we outlaw guns here. I expect they're right. The criminals can always find and obtain whatever is illegal to own.

  4. I think the NRA has a point - this country is becoming saturated with illegal arms, many connected to the various facets of the illicit drugs scene, and I don't know how long it will be until ordinary people find it necessary to arm themselves - illegally and without training or the opportunity to practice.


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