Saturday, December 6, 2008

playing tig with tags

Maxima currently has a bug, so I've come into XV, the local charity shop, to open up for the knitting group she usually hosts. I'm glad I did, because, being unable to access my computer due to having messed up reloading Windows, I went online here and found that Linda from "Don't poke the baby" has kindly tagged me in a game of tag (we called it "tig" in Scotland, but the pun doesn't work so well) which originated with Kalona from Knocking everywhere.

I tag lots of bloggers though my "blogs I follow" and my blogroll. The tags we list seem to be limited to four or five, so here are my selections:

1 - Pam H - a non-blogging blogger who often gives me the benefit of her faith and wide experience. Hope you start blogging soon, Pam!

2 - Don't Poke the Baby - points of view from a Roman Catholic home-schooling Mum, gardner and photographer. Great stuff, and brilliant photos too.

3 - Witness to Love - a pro-life, pro-Christianity blog specialising on the rights of children from the point of view of Radagast, a senior teacher in a Roman Catholic school.

4 - John Smeaton - SPUC Director - a blog from the head of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, on pro-life matters from Britain and abroad.

5 - Cranmer political and religious news from all over the world and the spectrum of Christianity, seen from an Anglican viewpoint.

Here's my six favourite things:

1 - living in the Fens of East Anglia, where my children have a much better chance of having a childhood than in the sink estate where we used to live in Glasgow, a city which all too often eats its children.

2 - as above, from the point of view of religion, which is far, far less tribalised than in south-west Scotland.

3 - the Christian communities centred on St Gallicus' in the Draughty old Fen.

4 - the blogosphere, where everybody who wants to can have a voice.

5 - memories of sitting at my Mum's knees and hearing her stories of growing up in Glasgow before and during WWII, and of her Dad, a Sergeant in the Argyll and Southern Highlanders.

6 - Waking up to Sarah Kennedy's early-morning show on Radio 2 so that I can catch Terry Wogan's show from the start. A wonderfully irreverent man with a politically incorrect streak running through his surreal humour that gives a voice to the ideologically unbeautiful.

Thanks for wishing me happy St Nicholas' Day, Linda - the same to you and to everybody reading this!

Frugal Dougal
Happy Yellow Dog of the Fens (by appointment)


  1. Thank you, my friend, and have a wonderful week.

  2. Thanks! I've just edited the post, haiveing noticed that I relocated Glasgow from the West of Scotland to the East!

  3. By appointment, the Yellow Dog is happy?

    Glad you like my comments. It counters, a bit, my general impression of myself as a bit dull.

  4. The Yellow Dog is appointed to be happy in the Fens. As I'm never happier than when I'm grumpy about know the rest.

    Going by your comments, I don't think you're dull at all! I always enjoy them, and think they are the product of an active and intelligent mind enganged critically with the world. So when are you going to start blogging? - FD

  5. I have lots of excuses: going through a "down" time these last 6 months or more (lots of possible reasons - don't know for sure why), not sure a working mom ought to spend that much time coming up with something to say to the world at large, not sure I have anything consistently uplifting to say....

    Well, I do consider the possibility of starting, but have not decided it's the thing to do. Maybe one of these days. I don't like journals, because there's no feedback, so blogging is a good alternative.

  6. I'm sorry you're feeling down. It's really good to read your comments. I apologise - I think I was maybe a bit pushy in my last reply. - FD

  7. I don't mind - didn't think your remark was "pushy", exactly. Been giving a lot of thought to the pros and cons, and so far the cons have been winning, is all. Folks are welcome to ask.

  8. I'd just like to clarify, I meant the first sentence of the second paragraph. I think your comments are incisive and show a trenchant wit. I just thought the second sentence was pushy.

    I was hoping to do a blog tonight, but I need to get to bed early because I'm helping some friends to move house tomorrow.

    It occurred to me - although you may disagree with this - that your comments constitute a blog.

    God bless - FD

  9. Yes, perhaps - but someone else has to come up with the topic!

    (Saves me from the hard part....)


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