Friday, October 17, 2008

normal service will soon be resumed

I've twisted my ankle slipping on a patch of mud in the draughty old fen, and can't sit at the computer desk for long right now. Minora's trying to set up the laptop so it can connect to wi-fi, but not with much success. All three women in my life ask for your prayers for a speedy recovery, they say I'm even grumpier when I can't blog.

Hasta la vista etc etc - FD


  1. Get well soon!

    (You are reminding me of my dad!)

    Physical therapists have been known to work wonders....

    You have my prayers.

  2. Pam, thank you for your prayers, I suspect they will be more powerful than any therapy!

    I've got weak ankles, which means going over on them isn't unusual for me, but this one was pretty bad, at A&E (ER) they thought it might be broken. Thankfully it wasn't, so I've done my two days of rest, which my family have yet to recover from, and walked into the village and back today.

    My daughter says to set the laptop up for wi-fi she needs a "dongle". Have you heard of such a thing?

    Yours grumpily - FD

  3. I know almost nothing about the inner workings of computers. I can do lots with standard MicroSoft programs, and know a bit about the mapping of things (where they're kept), but hardware stresses me out. I get my brother, and he mumbles a few things, and my husband struggles through the interpretation. Sorry.

    Of course prayer works best, but sometimes it's through the therapist - ! Had a pinched nerve, for 3 months, so bad I couldn't turn my head; couldn't drive the car. One month of going to the therapist 3 times a week, and I was well on the road to recovery. 'course, sometimes all you need is to prop it up and wait....

  4. Thanks Pam - my techie friend informs me that there's such a thing as a dongle, but the definition of such changes with what you want it to do. I will try to work out what I want to do, so that I can work out what sort of dongle I want. Have you ever had the sensation of almost understanding something, but not quite?

    I will pray with my family that your nerve gets better.

    God bless - FD

  5. I have that almost every day - the sensation of almost understanding something, but not quite. Comes from not being a genius, I suppose.

    No, the nerve incident was from a few years back - I was just relating it as an example. I could always use any prayers that are offered, however!

  6. You might be mistaken in thinking you are not a genius for not understanding something - I believe Socrates was called the wisest man on earth because he was aware of the limits of his wisdom!


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